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The Children’s Classic Literature eBook Collection from The World eBook Library is the result of over 17 years of experience working with K-12 educators, psychologists and librarians to compile the best selection of children’s classic literature supporting K-12 syllabus and core skills development objectives. The collection has been designed to help pupils develop solid foundations in reading, writing, comprehension and vocabulary. Additionally, it furthers pupils’ awareness and interest in high quality literature from an early age, with the aim of bettering their preparation for success in their higher education years.

The collection comprises 2,600 of the-best-of-all time children’s literature eBook titles covering all K-12 levels.  Its breadth of authors and titles satisfies the reading, writing, comprehension and vocabulary needs of children from as young as 5 years old to young adults in the later stages of secondary education.  Classic authors such as Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, William Shakespeare, Aesop, Louisa May Alcott, Lyman Frank Baum, and James M. Barrie among hundreds of others have their best books represented in the collection.

All the eBooks in the collection are the only digitally re-mastered editions worldwide of the original scanned publication, which means that they have been optimized for online reading while retaining the historical and culturally relevant look and feel of the original print publication.

To maximize pupils’ engagement, interest and learning, all eBooks are made available 24/7 from any internet access point. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the number of simultaneous users or number of titles per user or time of usage. This way, all pupils have unrestricted access to the full collection at any time from anywhere. The platform has been outfitted with an advanced discovery tool specially crafted to make it kids-friendly, intuitive and riveting so as to empower pupils of all ages to perform highly targeted searches and quickly find relevant eBooks. Pupils and teachers can print out relevant eBooks at any time.

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