eBook Platform

1_tiGLibrary eBooks Platform

iG Library is a new generation eBook platform developed by iG Publishing. Its simple and user friendly interface helps you to retrieve information from huge eBook collections using a single click. It employs a powerful clustering engine to help you quickly analyze search results as well as to discover related topics.

Our unique eBook reading technology allows users to read content via web browsers without installing any proprietary software. It not only provides a set of information tools for research purposes, it also supports various kinds of devices and operation systems including the iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows.



2_tFilter & Search

Intuitive search and filter function, it can help users to search for publications using key words or phrases applicable to that publication and narrow the range of search via filter tools.



2_tDetail Page

In the Book Detail page each book is displayed showing the publication’s cover, title, author, publisher, year published, ISBN number, table of contents and thumbnail of content. By clicking on a book title you can open that book and browse by chapter or page by page.



2_tOnline Reader (iViewer)

iG Publishing is proud to release a new generation eBook reading solution, The iViewer. The iViewer offers an experience similar to a PDF reader but without the need for a plug-in. The iViewer also provides advanced interactive tools to help researchers to easily navigate eBook content and to use electronic resources.

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2_tOffline Reader (iGP Reader App)

iG Library platform provides Offline Reader Access (iGP Reader) for users to download the eBook content from Google Play or App Store when the computer is offline and not connected to the internet.

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Please download iGP Reader via below link :