What We Do For Libraries

The transition from print to eBooks is happening faster than predicted, driven by hand-held devices and the wide choice of titles published as eBooks.  Students and younger readers who have grown up with digital media and the internet are completely comfortable reading from eBook devices and their computer screens. With more and more study and research materials born digital, eBooks will rapidly overtake printed books as the learning medium of choice in schools, colleges and universities.

eBooks are not only cheaper because of their lack of wear and tear and theft, they can be accessed from anywhere by students and teachers and by housebound readers. Public libraries whose membership is stagnant or declining, have reported a spike in interest after they started offering eBooks. Many in the library world are hopeful that this revolution in digital reading will help transform the profile and services of public and community libraries.

iG Publishing provides authoritative content with over 150,000 eBooks to help you build and enhance your library collections. We recognize that there is no end to content acquisition, thus we are committed to providing reliable and in-depth content to librarians around the world.

Basic MARC records are provided free to customers and can be downloaded conveniently.  Usage reports are also available.