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Hindustan Book Agency (HBA) established over 60 years ago, publishes advanced level books in mathematics and physics. The company publishes a series of books in mathematics, Texts and Readings in Mathematics, and a similar series in physics entitled, Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences. HBA titles are co-published with Springer, Birkhauser, AMS, MAA, and the Princeton and Cambridge University Presses. The books have wide distribution and can be found in all academic libraries that support mathematics and physics programs.

Bringing original texts of high quality to Indian—as well as global—audiences, HBA provides a solution to a longstanding problem that students have faced: the lack of affordable high quality texts.  Publications, carefully chosen by the Editorial Board, deal with important topics in mathematics, physics and their applications. Senior students, Ph.D. scholars, students of science and engineering and college and university teachers who want to augment their old courses with new material, will find these books useful.  The standard of exposition is high. However, every attempt is made to be pedagogical; background material not found in standard texts is clearly explained, making the books accessible to a large audience.

One of the aims of Hindustan Book Agency publishing is to build a corpus of excellent mathematics and physics texts that are easily available. HBA encourages authors to publish high quality manuscripts in India, while ensuring that a global audience is not ignored.

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