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F.A. Davis Company founded in 1879 and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, publishes medical, nursing and health profession texts, and references and resources, as well as educational software for students, nurses, and health professionals. The company also offers Taber’s Cyclopaedic Medical Dictionary which provides definitions and information needed for patient care. In addition, it publishes in other health professions, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, clinical lab sciences, medical assisting, respiratory therapy and surgical technology.

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F.A. Davis publishes the finest texts, references, and resources in a wide variety of formats. Its goal is to satisfy the need for the most up-to-date, accurate, and informative resources from which students can master their coursework. The Company’s commitment to student needs, in turn serves the role of the educator and the practice of the clinician as one facilitates the preparation of the other.

In a world used to mergers and acquisitions, F.A. Davis Company remains as it started over 130 years ago, a family-managed, independent publisher in touch with the grass roots synergy of its customers.

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