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bookbooncover is today the biggest eBooks publisher in the world. In 2015, Bookboon distributed more than 50 million textbooks and reference books. The company was established in Denmark in 1988, under the name Ventus, and the focus from the beginning was on publishing educational material for students.

In 2005, the company made a strategic shift, and decided only to focus on educational eBooks and to focus on global distribution. Since then, has experienced massive growth. Today Bookboon has published more than 1000 textbooks and reference books titles in 9 languages, with English being the main language. Bookboon e-books are used by 200 million people globally.

iGroup is pleased to partner with Bookboon to make their extensive content to users here in Asia. The Bookboon Digital Textbook and Reference library covers core disciplines in Management, Business, Economics, IT, Engineering and Natural Science. The books are published for broad-based students from Undergraduate to Postgraduate Studies.

The e-books are short and precise, and covers curriculum efficiently. Perfect for both class teaching and exam preparation, and they communicate the essence of the subject in an easily understandable way. All titles are full text searchable and can be viewed online and offline.

Subject Areas

  • Accounting
  • Career and Study Advice
  • Economics & Finance
  • Engineering
  • IT, Programming & Computer Science
  • Languages
  • Marketing & Law
  • Natural Sciences
  • Statistics & Mathematics
  • Strategy & Management