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ASHRAE is recognized worldwide for it’s drafting of voluntary consensus standards, documents that assist industry and the public by offering uniform terminology, testing methods, and recommended practices. Existing standards are reviewed every five years for revision, withdrawal, or reaffirmation. Some standards, which are under continuous maintenance, are reviewed annually. ASHRAE’s standards-writing procedures are recognized by the American National Standards Institute, and the Society serves as secretariat for several subcommittees of the International Organization for Standardization. At present, there are over 130 active standards-writing committees developing new standards or revising existing ones.

ASHRAE has 123 standards and guidelines that establish recommended design and operation practice – is one of only five standards-developing organizations in the U.S. that can self-certify that its standards have followed American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) standards development procedures.
Key focus areas:
· Engineering
· Building
· Envelope,
· Indoor Air Quality
· Refrigeration,
· Heating
· Ventilation
· Sustainability
· Testing
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