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Amsterdam University Press (AUP) was established in 1992 by the University of Amsterdam. Within a few years AUP has built up a publishing list of more than 1,400 titles. The scholarly and trade publications of AUP are available in Dutch or English and relate to subjects in the area of humanities (language and literature, history, film studies, art) and social sciences.

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Alongside books, Amsterdam University Press has been offering an increasing number of electronic products. More and more AUP publications are also available digitally and many titles have become available through Print on Demand.

In 2005, Amsterdam University Press launched the Amsterdam Academic Archive (AAA), bringing important scholarly out of print titles back into print and making them available to an international reading audience. As well as a paper edition, each title will be also available digitally from the Amsterdam University Press Repository.  In addition, the first fifty English-language titles from the Amsterdam University Press list have been incorporated into the Google Print program, making them available worldwide through BookSurge.

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